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PDF conversion, compression, optimization, signing, verification and more have always been hard, we made it simple and scalable.

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Everything you need to process documents

Our platform is designed to meet all of your demands for processing PDFs and related documents.

Archive in PDF/A format

Ensure long-term accessibility with the PDF to PDF/A converter. ISO Compliant & veraPDF Valid, the Pdftools APIs convert PDF documents into PDF/A format with unmatched quality assurance.

Optimize and compress PDFs

Adds PDF handling capabilities to reduce file size, remove loose ends, and preserve perfect PDFs. This feature compresses PDFs fast and prepares them for being printed, used in a web page or archived in PDF/A by merging fonts and converting color spaces.

Image to PDF and PDF to image

Convert PDFs to and from images with ease, and with great visual quality. We'll even convert your images to PDFs and merge them together.

Document to PDFs

Convert Microsoft Word formats like doc, docx as well as odt, rtf, wpd and txt files to PDFs.

Spreadsheet to PDFs

Convert Microsoft Excel formats like xls, xlsx as well as open formats like ods and csv to PDFs.

Presentation to PDFs

Convert Microsoft PowerPoint formats like ppt, pptx as well as open formats like odp to PDFs.

Encrypt and decrypt PDFs

Secure your PDFs with password protection. You can also remove passwords from PDFs, and encrypt and decrypt PDFs with ease.

Stamp and watermark PDFs

Add text, images, and watermarks, QR and barcodes to your PDFs. You can even add page numbers, dates, and custom text to your PDFs.

Validate PDF compliance

Validate against and find the ISO conformance of your PDF and PDF/A files. We support all PDF/A versions and PDF versions.

Get started in a few easy steps

Build with our APIs and services or connect your existing tooling to power your workflows with ease.

Choose if you want to upload a file from your local machine or from a cloud storage provider. We support a wide range of file types and sizes.

const fs = require('fs');

try {
    const uploadUrl = '<UPLOAD_URL>';
    const filePath = '<PATH_TO_LOCAL_FILE>';

    // Check if the file exists
    if (!fs.existsSync(filePath)) {
        console.error("File does not exist:", filePath);

    const fileBuffer = fs.readFileSync(filePath);

    const response = await fetch(uploadUrl, {
        method: 'PUT',
        body: fileBuffer,

    console.log('Success: ', response.status);
} catch (error) {
    console.error('Error: ', error);

Pdftools Cloud

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OpenAPI, Swagger, Postman collections, we got them all.

Client libraries & SDKs coming soon!

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Infrastructure? Let us take care of it.

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You don't have to worry about servers, infrastructure, or any of that. We take care of everything for you. Plug us in your workflows and we'll take care of the rest.

99.9% uptime
Our services are design and built to be highly available, scalable and reliable. This applies to paid plans only.
SSL certificates.
Data is secure by default with end-to-end SSL encryption.
Simple queues.
Send us as many tasks as you want, we will process them in parallel.
Advanced security.
We use the latest security standards and protocols to protect your data, we insure that your data is safe and secure both in transit and at rest.
Powerful APIs
Access our services via our well documented and easy to use APIs. Manage and control who and what can access your data via API keys.
All of the data is backed up with a per-plan retention policy. If you lose your data, we can help you recover it.


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Need larger volume and more advanced features? We offer enterprise plans that provide additional customization, security, infrastructure and dedicated support to meet your needs.

What’s included

  • Dedicated regional deployment
  • Additional security and compliance certifications
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Official member t-shirt, shipping included.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • How long do you keep the uploaded documents?

      By default we keep the uploaded and processed files for five days and then delete them. You can control this both via API, workflow configuration and organization settings.

    • Do I need to add a credit card to start a free trial?

      No, you can start and continue to use a free trial without a credit card.

    • How can I pay for your services?

      We are currently integrating payment provider, until self-serve checkout is available you may contact us via contact us form or via email and we will send you an invoice for your plan.

    • How are you guaranteeing the privacy of the files you are processing?

      Our services are only accessible over secure HTTPS connections, ensuring your files are safe during transit to and from our servers. When we store provided files for processing, no one can access them without your prior approval. We only access these files if you report an error that needs to be tested and verified. Files are automatically deleted after set time after you upload them. All of the access to the storage services is logged and audited. This approach ensures the privacy and security of your files and data in transit and while at rest.

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